Air Quality in Basingstoke

Hawkins Environmental have published their latest air quality monitoring data for Basingstoke, including data up to the end of May 2021. The monitoring data shows that concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) are now approaching pre Covid-19 concentrations, following a significant decrease in concentrations during the first lockdown.

The National Air Quality Objective for NO2 is 40 µg/m3 as an annual mean, i.e. if average concentration across the whole year is less than 40 µg/m3 it is below the legal limit and considered safe. Concentrations tend to be higher in winter and lower during the summer and can vary due to weather patterns and other factors; therefore, it is necessary to consider concentrations across the whole year.

Data is now available for the monitoring conducted at Brighton Hill Community School, run in conjunction with their Science Department. The provisional results show that pollutant concentrations are well below the National Air Quality Objectives and therefore ideal for a school environment.

About our data: Hawkins Environmental have been conducting independent NO2 monitoring in Basingstoke since 2018. NO2 is commonly the most prevalent pollutant emanating from road traffic. Palmes-type diffusion tubes are widely used in the UK for indicative measurement of ambient concentrations of NO2, as they are relatively inexpensive. Diffusion tubes are passive samplers: they consist of small plastic tubes containing a chemical reagent to absorb the pollutant to be measured directly from the air. In the case of Palmes-type nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes, the absorbent used is triethanolamine (TEA). Stainless-steel mesh grids at the closed end of the tube are coated with a water-based or acetone-based solution of this absorbent. The diffusion tubes were processed in the laboratories of Gradko, one of the main manufacturers of diffusions tubes in the UK. All 2018, 2019 and 2020 data has been bias adjusted using adjustment factors published by Defra. Data from 2021 is raw unadjusted data and is therefore subject to change.

Hawkins Environmental currently monitor at 7 locations in Basingstoke. Locations H1 and H2 are representative to dwellings closest to the M3; locations H5, H7 and H8 are representative of locations alongside the ring road / A339; location H3 is an urban background monitoring location (i.e. more than 200m from a main road); location H9 is located on a school campus.

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