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Air Quality, Odour and Dust Assessments

Impact Assessments and Site Suitability Assessments

Air quality assessments are now a common requirement for all planning applications for new dwellings, or developments where there will be increased traffic, such as supermarkets, retail parks and sports stadia. With detailed dispersion models and professional air quality monitoring equipment available to us, we can offer a range of services relating to air quality.

Our air quality assessments often include the following elements:

  • Site suitability: determine whether the site has low levels of air pollution and determine whether the site is suitable for housing
  • Determination of mitigation: determine whether measures need to be incorporated into the building design to safeguard future residents or users from the effects of air pollution
  • Traffic impact assessment: determine whether the traffic generated by the development will have an impact on the air quality of the area
  • Plant emission impact assessment: determine whether emissions from CHP plants, biomass boilers or other plant associated with the development will have an impact on the air quality of the area
  • Construction dust assessment: determine whether the development of the site is likely to have a temporary impact on air quality during construction
  • Air quality monitoring: determine pollutant concentrations on site, looking at pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Dust monitoring and assessments: determine whether dust from sites such as quarries, will affect proposed development sites and determine whether they will be suitable for housingĀ 
  • Air quality neutral assessments: determine whether a development in London adheres to Section 9 of the London Plan.
  • Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRA): conduct assessments in relation to the impact of a development on European designated nature sites, such as Special Areas of Conservation (SAC).
  • Odour assessments: determine whether odours from adjacent land uses such asĀ fast-food restaurants or a petrol stations, are likely to cause complaints from future residents of proposed residential developments

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